The International Court of Justice and South Africa's appeal against Israel

ACTUALITÉ - 25/01/2024

On December 29, 2023, the UN International Court of Justice was asked by South Africa to "provisionally" halt Israel's military operations in Gaza - unconditionally - on the grounds of suspected acts of genocide. [...]

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Éric Meslin, CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies

ACTUALITÉ - 26/06/2023

It's been 27 years since I last saw my friend Eric Meslin, who is currently Chairman and CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies. And we met again in Paris. [...]

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Corporate communications put to the test by greenwashing

ACTUALITÉ - 30/05/2023

On April 19, 2022, the Paris Court of Justice dismissed the "Confédération, Consommation et Cadre de vie" association's claim against Vattenfall Energies S.A., the French subsidiary of a Swedish group operating in France as an alternative electricity supplier. [...]

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The Constitutional Court's decision on pension reform: a good lesson in parliamentary law

ACTUALITÉ - 05/05/2023

Noëlle Lenoir, honorary member of the Constitutional Court, lawyer and member of the Scientific Committee of the Laboratoire de la République, looks back at decision no. 2023-849 DC of April 14, 2014 on pension reform. Calling the decision "a good lesson in parliamentary law", she discusses the [...]

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PUBLICATION of the collective study: "Le droit comme facteur d'attractivité" (Law as a factor of attractiveness)

ACTUALITÉ - 18/04/2023

On behalf of all the prestigious authors who contributed to the book I edited for the Grand Paris/Ile de France/Capitale Economique association on "le droit comme facteur d'attractivité" (Law as a factor of attractiveness) (Ed. Larcier), I'm delighted. Many thanks to them, as well as to [...]

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TRIBUNE in L'Opinion: "The Constitutional Council is not a legislative chamber for 'catching up'" by Noëlle Lenoir

ACTUALITÉ - 13/04/2023

"No more today than in the past, do its members make decisions according to their political or partisan sensibilities". One can legitimately wonder about the purpose of the strike organized this Thursday, April 13, on the eve of the Constitutional Council's deliberation on the pension reform [...]

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INTERVIEW with Noëlle Lenoir in Actu-Juridique: "Law: the many strengths and some weaknesses of Paris as a business location"

ACTUALITÉ - 03/03/2023

Can the law be a factor in the attractiveness of a metropolis? Without a doubt, according to the Paris Ile-de-France Capitale Économique association, which has just published a book on the subject with Editions Larcier. Edited by former minister Noëlle Lenoir, the book brings together the opinions [...]

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PUBLICATION in Le Monde du Droit: "Business and human rights, an issue based on soft law - The example of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" by Noëlle Lenoir

ACTUALITÉ - 15/02/2023

It's no secret that, in the absence of binding international norms (i.e., duly ratified treaties), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that go after companies for human rights violations or the risk of such violations tend to invoke soft law norms. Thus, the "Business and Human Rights" issue is [...]

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PUBLICATION in Recueil Dalloz: "Bref aperçu de la directive (UE) 2022/2464 du 14/12/2022 relative à la publication d'informations en matière de durabilité par les entreprises (CSRD)" by Noëlle Lenoir

ACTUALITÉ - 07/02/2023

Transparency, transparency, transparency: these are the key words of the new company law that is taking shape through the CSR requirements imposed on companies by the European Union. The "CSRD" directive commented on here, published on December 14, 2022 and applicable from 2025 for the 2024 financial [...]

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